Our no-commission difference

Our leak detection experts don’t get paid on commission. Instead they focus 100% of their attention on helping you — not upselling you unnecessary solutions.

We keep your best interests at heart.

We never make the repair process a bigger deal than it should be.

No fakers. No fast talkers. No shady upsells. No commissions.

Mature man and woman sitting back to back happily drinking beverages at the edge of a pool
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™

The ALD team

We’re nothing without our people. Meet the pros behind Central Florida’s most trusted pool leak repair service.

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Owner | Integrator | Finance
Director of Business Development
Operations Manager
Information Manager
Leak Detection Manager
Leak Detection
Leak Detection
Leak Detection
Leak Detection
Leak Detection
Leak Detection
Leak Detection
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Leak Repair
Leak Repair
Leak Repair
Leak Repair
Customer Experience
Customer Experience

A business built on core values

We’ve lived by our core values from day one, even when it hurt our bottom line. We’re the neighbors you go to when you need a hand. That’s why we’ve been Central Florida’s favorite pool leak repair company for over twenty years.

We put people first 

We enjoy using our unique abilities to help others. We are eager to assist, communicate effectively, and use our time efficiently. Understanding and serving people well is at the heart of what we do.

We are approachable and professional

Our technicians are thoroughly and continually trained in pool leak detection and repair. More than that, they are absolutely thrilled to share their expertise. Every homeowner is offered the chance to understand their pool on a new level.

We do the right thing, every time

Our commitment to integrity is unwavering. We hate to see customers upsold on repairs that aren't essential, so we never do it. When a customer invites us into their pool, we take that trust seriously.

We have a can-do attitude 

Our technicians will not compromise in the pursuit of finding a pool leak solution, and we will work with you until you are 100% satisfied. We stay positive and go the extra mile so every customer can feel good about their experience.

We always strive for excellence

We level up through continued education and by staying on top of the latest trends and innovations in pool leak detection and repair. We seek to be genuinely helpful and only offer the best solutions for your pool.

Aaron’s Leak Detection owners Jason and Sheli Scarborough with kids

Over two decades of service

In the fall of 2001, Aaron and Jason began working to relieve stress for pool owners across Central Florida. From the very beginning Aaron’s Leak Detection set out not just to fix leaky pools, but to truly serve their customers, to be a service company in every sense of the word.

When Aaron moved on to new ventures in 2005, Jason and his wife, Sheli, purchased the company. They began steadily building it from a two person operation to the thriving business that it is today, always keeping that vision of service front and center.

From our family to yours, allow us the privilege of giving you a stress-free pool ownership experience, so you can focus on what really matters.

Pool leak? Relax! We’ll handle it.

If you’re seeing signs of water loss, don’t stress. Let our friendly, honest pros guide you to the pool leak solution that’s right for you.

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