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Clear and honest pool leak solutions

Expert leak detection

We’re pool leak detection professionals. Our team brings field-tested know-how to every job, and we’re always in a growth mindset.

Honest repairs

We don’t hide behind jargon or confusing language. We recommend only the repairs you need, and our team doesn’t make commissions.

Stress-free solutions

We provide friendly and knowledgeable customer service so communication is clear, repairs are efficient, and your experience is smooth.

Potential pool leaks are serious business.

Unchecked water loss can cause all kinds of headaches:

High water bills

A leaking pool wastes resources and inflates your utility costs

Added upkeep

A leaking pool requires extra chemicals and more maintenance

Long-term damage

A leaking pool undermines the integrity of your property

ALD vs Others

From our no-commission difference to our leak detection warranty, we find and fix pool leaks without taking advantage or cutting corners.

Aaron’s Leak Detection
The Other Guys
Employees Paid Salary, Not Commission
Big Team for Faster Response
Orlando Owned & Operated
Most Repairs Are Included
6-Month Leak Detection Warranty  
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Go from pool leak to peace of mind.

It’s important for our customers to know that our team does not make commissions — not on service calls, not on repairs. Our team’s incentives align with your interests: a job well done at a fair price. We believe you should be able to hire a pool expert without being sold unnecessary services.


An expertly-trained leak detection technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your pool equipment, structure, and plumbing with both above-ground and in-water examinations.


Once the leak detection process is complete, our technician will take time to point out any leak-related issues, listing how each water loss can be resolved.


If there’s a leak, our goal is to repair your pool that same day. Even better, most leaks can be repaired on the spot, without draining your pool, and at no additional cost.


Get back to good times around your pool.

Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™

Answers to your most common pool leak questions

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How much does it cost to fix a pool leak?

Most pool leak repairs cost around $500, but there are lots of factors that determine your specific price.

Is my pool leaking or just evaporating?

Learn the four factors of pool evaporation, and what amount of water loss indicates a leak.

How will you repair my pool leak?

Pool leaks require one of three levels of repair: epoxy repairs, intermediate repairs and construction repairs.

The best thing about us?
Our customers.

Here’s what Central Florida pool owners are saying:

“Easy to work with, thorough, knowledgeable and solved the problem. Well worth the call for our leak issue.”

– Samuel T, Orlando FL

“This is the 2nd time I have used Aaron’s and they are simply the best! I will never use another company.”

– Jennifer G, Longwood FL

“It’s not often you find services that are easy to work with, don’t rip you off, efficient and do the job. WOW.”

– Ella F, Windermere FL

we’ll handle it.™

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