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Expert pool leak detection and repair

An in-ground swimming pool can be a handsome addition to your yard, and a refreshing break from the Florida heat. But a pool leak can be a serious headache. If you’re experiencing unusual water loss, call us to detect and repair your pool leak today.

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Common pool leak symptoms

There are a handful of signs your pool might have a leak:

Adding water frequently

Losing more than ¼” of water per day

Adding more chemicals than usual

Abnormally high water bills

Loose tiles or cracked masonry

Think you have a pool leak?

If your pool is losing an unusual amount of water, you’re seeing signs of water loss, or your pool requires more chemicals than normal, you might have a leak.

Why is my pool leaking?

Your pool could spring a leak from any of the following:

Pool shell cracks

Settling deck

Tile or grout damage

Pipe wear and tear

Faulty fittings and joints

Shifting pool structures

Pump or filter failure

Growing tree roots

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Go from pool leak to peace of mind.

It’s important for our customers to know that our team does not make commissions — not on service calls, not on repairs. Our team’s incentives align with your interests: a job well done at a fair price. We believe you should be able to hire a pool expert without being sold unnecessary services.


An expertly-trained leak detection technician will conduct a thorough inspection of your pool equipment, structure, and plumbing with both above-ground and in-water examinations.


Once the leak detection process is complete, our technician will take time to point out any leak-related issues, listing how each water loss can be resolved.


If there’s a leak, our goal is to repair your pool that same day. Even better, most leaks can be repaired on the spot, without draining your pool, and at no additional cost.


Get back to good times around your pool.

Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
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Detect and and fix pool leaks to avoid property damage

Water loss from a pool leak is serious not just because of high utility bills, but because it can cause long-term harm to your property. Left undetected, these leaks can create hidden damage and compromise the integrity of your entire pool area.

Aside from the bigger issues of soft ground and cracked concrete, pool leaks add sneaky maintenance costs too. A common side-effect of a pool leak is unbalanced pool chemistry, which means you end up using more chemicals than usual. This makes it difficult to maintain proper PH and clarity while risking damage to the pool, its components, and potentially swimmers too.

Now the good news: if you’ve got a pool leak, we’ve got your back. Our pool leak experts will pinpoint the source of the water loss and repair it quickly, so your pool and property stay in great shape for years to come.

Answers to your most common pool leak questions

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How much does it cost to fix a pool leak?

Most pool leak repairs cost around $500, but there are lots of factors that determine your specific price.

Is my pool leaking or just evaporating?

Learn the four factors of pool evaporation, and what amount of water loss indicates a leak.

How will you repair my pool leak?

Pool leaks require one of three levels of repair: epoxy repairs, intermediate repairs and construction repairs.

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