How much does it cost to fix a pool leak?

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A Transparent Guide to Pool Leak Detection and Repair Costs

A well-functioning pool can be a dream, but a leaking pool is always a nightmare. And not just because of potential damage to your backyard, or the cost of wasted chemicals and water, but because of unknown costs associated with leak detection and repair.

At Aaron’s Leak Detection, we want to be your stress-free pool leak solution. That’s why we talk about pricing head-on, so you get a clear view of all the factors. We’ve got two big goals in mind: First, we want to provide incredible service that solves your pool leak. Second, we want to empower you to understand exactly what you’re paying for and why. 

Let’s take a closer look at how we determine the price of our pool leak detection and repair services. If you’re short on time and don’t need all the details, here’s the short version: Most of our pool leak repairs cost from $475 to $525 and include most repairs. This price range covers most of our customer’s situations, but there are lots of factors that determine your specific price. Now let’s dive into the deep end. 

Major Cost Factors of Pool Leak Resolution

As you research how to have a pro fix your pool leak, you’ll find different companies establish different pricing structures. These pricing structures spotlight a company’s values, culture and motivations. A few factors matter when determining the cost of fixing a pool leak. For Aaron's Leak Detection, here's what affects the final price:

Pool Complexity

A pool with an attached spa or an elaborate filtration system requires much more time and resources to examine thoroughly than a basic pool.

Water Features

Additional features such as spillovers, rock waterfalls, sheer descent waterfalls, floor jets, or deck jets can also increase resources and the time to examine and account for.

Findings and Repairs

If our leak detection expert determines your leak can be repaired with an underwater epoxy, we’ll repair it at no additional cost. This is the case with about 9 out of 10 leaks we find. If a leak requires a construction repair, we’ll give you a quote to fix that too. No surprises, no sales pitch. Just your next best step to getting your pool leak repaired. Specific details regarding our approach to repair pricing is explained below.

Technician Incentives

Oddly enough, the largest factor in your final price for resolving this pool leak comes from corporate incentives. When a person working on your pool is incentivized by commission they’ll take home on the repairs they recommend, you’ll end up paying much more when it’s all said and done. Instead of a commission, our employees are paid a salary with no commissions on any recommendations they make. So you know all their expertise and training is focused on the same goal as you: to get the leak resolved with as little trouble as possible. 

Our Pool Leak Detection Pricing

We understand the headache and frustration of scheduling a home service. We’ve tried to simplify our pricing so we’re always transparent and beyond reproach. 

Leak Detection Pricing - Most Common Pools

All full leak detections include:

  • A full structural exam
  • A full plumbing exam
  • Plumbing Leak Specialist to pinpoint broken plumbing lines, if necessary
  • Epoxy repairs, if applicable
  • $200 towards construction repairs booked within 30 days of leak detection, if necessary

Common pool pricing

Pool Only, no spa or water features: $475

Pool and Spa, no other water features: $525

Pool and Water Feature: $525+

Independent Spa (not attached to pool): $395

Pool, Spa and Infinity Edge: $625+

Common in-ground pool surrounded by brick and stone pavers
A common in-ground pool

Leak Detection Pricing - Other Factors

Here are a few, less common factors that may add to your price:

Deck Jets

As with a floor jet system, we recommend testing these only if leaks aren’t found elsewhere in a normal, full leak detection in the rest of your pool first. These are also $20 each additional to test. 

Infinity Edges

Most infinity edge features can be included for the additional $100 listed above. If your infinity edge is more than 12’ wide, additional charges may apply.

Elaborate Waterfalls - Rock, Gunite or Otherwise:

Most customers or pool service companies will turn off any elaborate feature before calling us to see if your rate of water loss changes. These unique features - especially rock waterfalls - can prove to leak in multiple places and may require being rebuilt entirely or completely removed to eliminate leaks. We highly recommend turning off the valve running to these features to see if they are the culprit for your water loss. If it’s undetermined, we recommend having a normal, full leak detection performed on the rest of the pool first. Pricing for testing can be quoted by our office.

Elaborate Plumbing and Filtration Systems

Occasionally we find a pool so elaborate that an in-person visit or pictures are required to determine a price. These are far and few between at around one in 500. If you believe this is your pool, a phone conversation or email is highly recommended.

Elaborate pool with waterfalls surrounded by tropical landscaping
An elaborate in-ground pool

Repairs: Our Approach and Pricing

Our approach to repairs is to be as helpful, in as few trips, at the best price as possible. We have even developed repair options for a few of the more common leaks we see. Additionally, $200 of the price of the leak detection will be applied to any recommended construction repairs booked within 30 days of your leak detection service.

Epoxy Repairs

Most pool leaks we find can be fixed on the spot, at no charge, without draining the pool. We include a warranty, too. This leaves the majority of leaks resolved with minimal headaches.

Occasionally, a leak may require a construction approach but a temporary epoxy repair may slow your water loss. Our technician will do this at no charge, with the understanding this is done as a courtesy stop gap and not a permanent solution.

Construction Repair Pricing

If our technician determines your leak needs more than epoxy, our office will walk you through your options and explain exactly what to expect. 

You’re in good hands - we have a repair department with a heart to solve the issue and leave your pool functioning well and looking great. We’re not talking fly-by-night “poking and hoping”. We’re talking full-time employees (not day workers or subcontractors) with experience solving your exact problem.

Our pricing for our construction repairs includes:

  • Discount of $200 applied from the full leak detection (when repair is booked within 30 days of leak detection service)
  • draining the pool
  • excavation to get to the leak
  • repairing the leak, testing the repair
  • refilling the ground or deck
  • texturing the deck to match the existing finish if necessary
  • Clean up of area from construction work
  • 1 year warranty.

Here’s an overview of our prices for most common construction repairs we offer:

Skimmer Replacement, gunite: $1975

Jet Replacement, gunite: $1025

Cleaner Port Replacement, gunite: $1025

Under Deck Plumbing Repair: $1225

In-Yard Plumbing Repair : $625 - $1025

Other factors that may result in additional charges:

  • If your pool or deck has an exotic finish requiring special handling or attention
  • For an In Yard Plumbing Repair, tree or landscaping roots or hardscape interference

Intermediate Repairs

Based upon the severity of your leak and deterioration of the surrounding area, we can often offer you an intermediate repair as an alternative to a full construction repair. Our intermediate repairs carry a 6 month prorated warranty. This allows you to decrease your risk and solve the leak at a lower cost.

Here’s an overview of our prices for the most common intermediate repair we offer:

Fiberglass Repair on a Light: $925

Fiberglass Repair on a Skimmer: $725

Fiberglass Repair on a Spa Drain: $725

What else?

Professionalism means recognizing your expertise, while knowing when to hand a project off. We can tackle most construction repairs but occasionally a leak has to be referred to a 3rd party. We’ve built a network of trusted specialists who can handle these unique cases. A few examples of these rare situations are:

  • Foundational repair - major shifting and ground movement requires a foundational repair specialist. We do not want to do a repair for you only to have the ground continue to move and cause the leak to come back.
  • Unique deck, tile or pool finishes
  • Rebuilding a water feature or rock waterfall
  • Renovation, retiling or resurfacing

Our Leak Detection Guarantee

Customers either know they have a leak and can explain their pool to be losing a certain amount of water over a certain number of days. An example would be, “I’m losing two inches of water every three days.” That said, we guarantee we will find your leak or you don’t pay us anything, if:

  1. Your pool is losing more than ½ inch per day
  2. Your pool is not being heated
  3. You’re not running any waterfalls or water features, besides a standard spa spillover
  4. You’ve completed all recommended repairs

If we’ve performed a full leak detection for you, you meet the above criteria and your pool continues to lose water, please contact us! We’re happy to void your unpaid invoice or give you a full refund, but we do ask for a reasonable opportunity to recheck our work.


Aaron's Leak Detection provides a comprehensive and transparent approach to pool leak detection and repair. We prioritize customer understanding and satisfaction, ensuring that you are fully aware of the costs and processes involved in fixing your pool leak. Our pricing is straightforward and reflects our commitment to quality service without hidden charges. Whether it's a simple epoxy repair or a more complex construction repair, we offer a range of solutions to meet your specific needs, backed by our expertise and customer-centric approach. Our guarantee ensures that you have peace of mind, knowing that your pool is in capable hands. Trust Aaron’s Leak Detection for a stress-free resolution to your pool leak issues, where transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction are at the core of everything we do.

Pool leak? Relax! We’ll handle it.

If you’re seeing signs of water loss, don’t stress. Let our friendly, honest pros guide you to the pool leak solution that’s right for you.