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Minimize liability in pool renovation projects

Whether your pool renovation project is in the planning stages or already completed, we help you fix water loss fast so your project stays on track.

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Get ahead with early leak detection

If your renovation hasn’t started, our comprehensive leak detection service will pinpoint all necessary pool repairs ahead of time. This is more than just leak detection. It’s an opportunity to add substantial value to your client’s project, and enhance your reputation in the process.

Get help with mid-project challenges too

If your pool renovation project is underway, you’re either reading this to be thorough, or because someone is blaming you for a leak. Or maybe your client isn’t sure if their pool is leaking. Either way, we provide an expert third-party pool examination and report. We’ll give you the clarity you need to move forward.

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Why top renovation companies choose us

Renovation experts consistently choose Aaron’s for a crucial reason: our detailed leak detection service offers a full picture of the pool’s condition before any renovation begins, minimizing your risk and providing peace of mind for your client.

Reduced liability

By having our report in hand from the start, you sidestep the risk of being blamed for pre-existing pool damage.

Added client value

Leak detection puts your client’s interests first, and takes advantage of an empty pool to address issues.

Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™
Relax, we’ll handle it.™

Seamless communicaton, clear process

In a few clicks, an email, or a phone call, our expert office staff will schedule the appointment, explain our process, give you up-front pricing, and provide any other helpful details. We aim to schedule within one business day and can coordinate directly with your client.

On-site assessment and reporting

Our on-site pool leak specialist will identify all water loss and report back with a phone call. You'll also get an email report explaining all findings, along with photos and videos.

Fast, stress-free pool leak solutions

Most leaks can be fixed for free with an underwater epoxy, without draining the pool. If it’s unsightly or requires construction-type work, you’ll be notified. We’re a licensed pool contractor. We can even leave you a quote, but we find most pool renovators prefer to manage big repairs themselves.

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We put your client at ease

Our experienced techs aren’t just experts at finding and fixing pool leaks. They’re presentable, likable, and you’ll be proud to have us at the job site on your behalf. From their first interaction, your client will know you take the issue seriously. You’re sending the best in the business.

Clear communication

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Ready to serve

Ready for a smooth pool renovation?

Collaborating with Aaron’s Leak Detection means more than solving immediate problems. It’s about building a relationship that puts an end to the headache, while leaving a trail of quality and professionalism. Nice to meet you.

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