How do you repair a pool leak?

Pool technician grabbing tools while working beneath pool deck

The appointment has been scheduled and the leaks have been found, now what? Let’s talk repairs.

There are three levels of repairs pool leaks require: epoxy repairs, intermediate repairs and construction repairs.

Epoxy Repairs

Most leaks happen where two materials meet. If this is the case, and there’s no signs of extreme shifting, epoxy is a great long-term solution for your leak. We can repair these leaks on the spot during the original leak detection, at no additional charge, without draining the pool.

Intermediate Repairs

Occasionally, we find a leak that is best repaired with a construction approach but may find a long-term resolution with an intermediate repair. Our intermediate repairs serve as a stop gap for the pool water loss with a lower price than a full construction repair. They have a six-month prorated warranty. We’ve seen incredible success with our creative solutions, and customers appreciate having an option.

Most intermediate repairs are performed as a fiberglass reinforcement of a plastic area in your pool that has shifted and cracked, causing water loss. We’ll drain the pool, dry the area to be repaired, prep the surface, add a plastic sealant over the crack and reinforce with layers of high-strength fiberglass to further seal and strengthen the failed area. 

Construction Repairs

If our technician finds you need a construction level repair, we’ve got that covered as well. We’re a fully licensed and insured Florida state pool contractor. Our repair team of seasoned professionals handle pool leak repairs day in and day out so you’ll have only the highest quality experts handling your situation. Further, they’re full-time, background-checked, insured, highly trained employees. Not subcontractors or day-laborers. Read our reviews to see the excellent impression our repair team has left with other customers!

All construction repairs come with a one-year warranty. As far as our process, it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s a look at our process for a few of our common construction repairs:

Skimmer Replacement:

  1. Drain the pool just below the skimmer face
  2. Cut and remove old decking 
  3. Dig down to expose plumbing and skimmer canister
  4. Remove the broken skimmer canister and old plumbing
  5. Replace with new skimmer and attach new plumbing 
  6. Test to ensure new plumbing is holding
  7. Fill hole in with dirt/sand
  8. Seal the joint where the skimmer meets the pool tile
  9. Lay new concrete for the deck, texture to match (or replace existing pavers)

Broken Jet Replacement:

  1. Drain the pool just to below the pool jet
  2. Cut and remove old broken jet 
  3. Re-plumb a new jet and attach new plumbing
  4. Test to ensure new plumbing is holding
  5. Apply hydraulic cement around the new jet face
  6. Apply new pool material around new jet face to match as close as possible

Under Deck Repair on Broken Plumbing:

  1. Place protective tarps around the work area
  2. Cut the deck open, remove concrete
  3. Dig down and remove soil from around the broken pipe
  4. Cut out the broken plumbing
  5. Replumb with new plumbing, allow glue to set
  6. Pressure test this line to ensure the repair is holding perfect and to ensure there are no other leaks
  7. All holes cut into the deck will be filled and textured to match as close as possible

The truth about matching the existing pool finish or deck

A new batch of your exact pool finish will not match perfectly if applied today alongside your current pool finish, due to fading and changes over time. The same is true for your pool deck’s paint: if you have the original deck paint on hand, it will not match. Keep in mind, your leak is being repaired with new materials. New concrete. New pool finish. New deck texturing material. This means you may notice where the repair was made. Rest assured, our crew takes pride in leaving their repairs looking incredible. Not just by cleaning up after the repair, but in their color-matching and texturing techniques. We understand quality is a major concern — and it should be. For more insight into our workmanship, see what our customers are saying.

Pool leak? Relax! We’ll handle it.

If you’re seeing signs of water loss, don’t stress. Let our friendly, honest pros guide you to the pool leak solution that’s right for you.