1000 Reviews - A Huge Milestone for Aaron’s Leak Detection!

Great service equals 1000 reviews

On March 17, 2024 we received our 1000th review!

We celebrated this huge milestone with a fun all staff breakfast!

We laughed, shared memories and gave out some awards. We'd never be here without our incredible team.

Or you - our customers and your willingness to let Central Florida know exactly what a great job we did for you!

Over 95% of your reviews were five stars, contributing to our overall perfect five star rating. That's not only incredibly rare for the industry - earning 1000 reviews with a perfect five star rating is unheard of for any small business in any industry. 

A huge thank you goes out to all of our customers for continuing to trust us with your pool leak issues, and for making us Central Florida's undisputed favorite pool leak detection and repair company.

Thank you so much for those 1000 reviews, Central Florida. Take a look at the celebration highlights:

Pool leak? Relax! We’ll handle it.

If you’re seeing signs of water loss, don’t stress. Let our friendly, honest pros guide you to the pool leak solution that’s right for you.