Top 5 Reasons Real Estate Agents Choose Aaron's Leak Detection for Pre-Purchase Pool Inspections

We’re beloved by homeowners, but how do Real Estate professionals enhance their practice with our pool leak detection services??

1. We help you protect your excellent reputation

We live and die by our Google reviews. The world of Real Estate is no different.  Reputation is everything, and our thorough pool leak inspections help keep your name out of the mud.  

Having a pool inspected for leaks by Aaron’s Leak Detection puts you in control of your reputation.  Our inspection and subsequent report brings all issues to light, allowing you and your client to understand the status of the pre-purchase pool and move forward with confidence.

2. We help you protect your client

A leaking pool is rarely catastrophic, but the potential for major issues is real - Sunken pavers, a cracking deck and broken plumbing just to name a few.  A pool leak inspection before the purchase is your and your client’s best protection from future headaches.  

Every nook and cranny of the pool is tested for leaks, including the plumbing.  When we’re done, we’ll document any issues and provide a thorough report explaining all findings.

3. We help you keep your client’s concerns front and center

If your client has ever had a pool leak at their home, or had a friend with the same issue, they understand the reason for concern. The most common questions we hear from homeowners go something like this:

“Does the pool even have a leak?”

“Is the leak going to be expensive to resolve?”

“Will the leak repair keep the pool from being used?”

And on and on…

Worry no longer.  With a pre-purchase pool leak inspection your client gets peace of mind that these issues are handled head-on.

4. We help you convey professionalism and confidence to your client

This paragraph isn’t about how we run an incredibly tight ship, both in the front office and our field staff — though they’ll make your head spin with their world-class professionalism and expertise on their own.

It is about how your client will feel when they hear you recommending a proper pool leak inspection for their protection.  

Now, once they do contact the office, our professionalism will knock their socks off.  But before that, they’ll know you’ve got their best interests in mind.  And that’s priceless for a buyer.

5. We help you keep your deal on track

A home purchase has many moving parts, and our goal is to keep the pool leak inspection portion as easy, thorough and professional as possible.

We’ll keep you on track and make you look great the entire time.

What’s next?

Simply have your client give us a call, text or email.  Or, call, text or email us on their behalf.

We look forward to serving you.

Pool leak? Relax! We’ll handle it.

If you’re seeing signs of water loss, don’t stress. Let our friendly, honest pros guide you to the pool leak solution that’s right for you.